Being an Independent Contractor for RHR Cleaning


You are responsible for your own taxes and when you sign up with us, you are deemed to agree to the Independent Contractor Agreement. We will not withhold any income or social security taxes from your compensation or pay any social security or employment security taxes with respect to you. You will be a vendor for RHR Cleaning Services. Your sole obligation to RHR will be to perform the assignments in which you accept. 

You agree to provide RHR with contracting services on an assignment basis. The contracting services will involve cleaning services in accordance with our clients' requirements for the assignment, which we will communicate to you prior to your acceptance of each assignment.

RHR specifications will relate directly to the results expected, which shall be in your sole discretion. Within the bounds of the assignment, you will control the time and manner of performing the assignment.   RHR will quote you the number of hours for an assignment in advance of your acceptance of the assignment. There will also be reimbursements for certain purchases required in connection with the assignment. You will be responsible for all other expenses, which you incur in the performance of services to RHR. All compensation will be paid on the last business day of each month. RHR is not required to offer you any minimum number of assignments during any period of time.  

RHR has no control over or involvement with the products or services of its clients, which you may purchase or utilize in the performance of an assignment. If you suffer any damage, cost or loss as a result of or in connection with the products or services of RHR's clients, you will make no claim against RHR for such damage, and you will hold RHR harmless with regard to any claim you may assert against any other party. 

The laws of the State of Ohio will govern this Agreement. All instructions RHR gives you regarding your assignments, whether oral or written, are included in this Agreement by reference, provided that any instructions, which are inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement, must be in writing to be effective.   We expect you to complete accepted assignments in a professional manner.  Prompt, accurate briefings is vital on every assignment.  By following our thorough and concise instructions you can provide essential services to RHR and will enjoy independent assignments, along with supplemental income. We would love to have you as a part of our RHR team.

If you accept an assignment from RHR , you will be deemed to have agreed to the Independent Contractor Agreement terms.