Our service Promise to You

We will ALWAYS strive to provide PREMIUM services. We will strive to make every effort to give all our customers:

  • A prompt reply to service inquiries.

    An appointment time convenient for you.

    Confidence that our service staff is drug and alcohol free.

    The courtesy of not smoking inside your property.

    A fully and properly insured professional.

    A written quote with complete service details.

    Project start and complete dates; if applicable.

    Professionalism and skill from our service staff.

    A 90 day warranty for all home repair/handyman services.

    If we miss something, and we try awfully hard not too, we will GLADLY MAKE IT RIGHT! If we are falling short on providing top notch service contact us immediately at 614.775.6489, ext. 112.

Service Insurance

CLEANING: RHR is fully insured. Items excluded from liability are; cash, jewelry, one-of-a-kind items or hard to get items; items of sentimental value, art, antiques and electronics. There is a $50 per location liability limit.

MOVING: We offer two levels of liability; standard coverage and full value. Movers are required by law to provide a minimum amount of free coverage. You are reimbursed .60 cents per pound for anything lost or damaged during the move. This coverage is a minimum and should not be relied upon to cover you for any significant damage. For example, if you have a priceless piece of china that weighs two pounds, you would only be entitled to $1.20 of compensation if the china is damaged in transit. RHR reserves the right to repair any damaged items prior to replacing them regardless of the level of coverage you selected, and this will be stated in your written quote.

Nothing is more important than your trust, safety and peace of mind and we strive to provide you with trusted services that exceed your expectations. We want to earn and maintain your trust and have you as a life long friend.